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Movie Schedule

Room 163, Jacqueline-Bouchard
Université de Moncton
18 Antonine-Maillet Ave, Moncton, NB  E1A 3E9
Tickets: $5 on sale at the door before each viewing
Passes: $20 (regular), $10 (student)
Friday, October 2nd, 2015
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5 pm
Le génocide arménien… 100 ans de solitude
Documentary (Canada, 2015)
Film Director: Yves Bernard
Co-Writer and Animator: Patrick Masbourian
Language: French
Length: 45 minutes (followed by a panel discussion)
Almost 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. One hundred years later, this crime has yet to be recognized by Turkey. Why?
Saturday, October 3rd, 2015
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2:30 pm
La vengeance des Arméniens – Le procès Tehlirian
Documentary (France, 2015)
Film Director: Bernard George
Language: French
Length: 52 minutes
In 1921, Talaat Pacha, a high ranking dignitary in exile in Berlin, was killed on the street. His attacker, Soghomon Tehlirian, was a young Armenian. A few months later, his trial took an unexpected turn: instead of sentencing the accused, the hearing established that Talaat Pacha was guilty of the Armenian Genocide. However, what the audience did not know was that Soghomon Tehlirian was not the student he claimed to be…

At the centenary celebration of the Armenian Genocide, the movie unveiled the mechanisms of the first genocide in the 20th century, asking the international community to recognize it existence, a request that still provokes a debate a century after the fact.
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4 pm
Grandma’s Tattoos
Documentary (Sweden, 2011)
Film Director: Suzanne Khardalian
Language: English
Length: 58 minutes
During the First World War, millions of Armenians were forced out of their homes in the then Ottoman Empire, into the deserts of Syria and Iraq. More than a million people died in what Armenians describe as genocide, although Turkey rejects this accusation.

Filmmaker Suzanne Khardalian makes a journey into her own family to investigate the terrible truth behind her late grandma’s odd tattoos. Her grandma was always a bit strange, never liking physical contact and covered with unusual marks. Everybody in the family seemed to know the story, but no one ever spoke about it.

So when grandma’s mystery is slowly unveiled, family taboos are broken down and Suzanne exposes the bigger story—the fate of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.The painful journey behind Suzanne’s grandma’s tattoos unfolds through Armenia, Lebanon, Sweden, and Syria, finally bringing out the truth.
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5:15 pm
Born in Adana
Documentary (Canada, 2014)
Film Director: David Hovan
Language: English
Length: 15 minutes
Haunting, moving, shocking, this film transports us, through the life of an elder, to another time and place where a multitude of human spirits resisted, and a multitude were crushed. Resilience and kindness appear at random amidst this devastation, reminding us of the potential strength and beauty of the human heart.
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Les fontaines de Habab
Documentary (Turkey, 2012)
Film Director: Dilek Aydn
Language: French
Length: 60 minutes
Fethiye Çetin says, “We manage to bring Turks and Armenians together, this very day; we’ve allowed this wild water to flow anew… We are proud of this friendship. We have a responsibility to save this heritage.” This is chiefly the first public recognition of Armenians in Anatolia’s past. It is never too late. “It’s a revolution, an earthquake,” explains Astrig, a French-speaking Armenian who supported the project and decided to go to Turkey for the first time. “I consider this my country, but I didn’t want to come back like a stranger, I wanted a project that would enable me to build, to communicate with people, to share… This project has changed my life. I think that our pain is a real sickness. I’ve changed, my perspective has been soothed…” Excerpt from the article “Arméniens de Turquie : Espoir d’eau” by S. de Courtois.
Sunday, October 4th, 2015
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2 pm
Orphan’s of the Genocide
Documentary (Armenia | Canada | Lebanon | Syria | USA, 2013)
Film Director: Bared Marounian
Language: English, French sub-titles
Length: 91 minutes
Orphans of the Genocide is an emotional visual journey through never-before-seen archival footage and discovered memoirs of orphans who lived through the last century’s first, fully documented and least recognized, Armenian Genocide of 1915. The documentary follows Maurice Missak Kelechian whose research findings unveil the site of an Armenian orphanage located at the present day Antoura College near Beirut, Lebanon where 1,000 Armenian Genocide orphans had lived and were forcefully converted and “Turkified” during WWI. In addition to the Antoura site, the documentary unveils numerous other orphanages where Armenian orphans were housed—and profiles one orphan girl who was adopted and later became one of Turkey’s high-profiled national icons as the daughter of Ataturk, the founder of modern-day Turkey. The documentary traces the lives of many orphans who lived through the horrors of a war, losing parents and being separated from siblings, and who were shipped to various countries.
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4 pm
Le mas des Alouettes
Drama (Italy |France | Bulgaria | Spain | Germany, 2007)
Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Antonia Arslan
Film Director: Paolo & Vittorio Taviani (The Taviani Brothers)
Language: French
Length: 122 minutes
May 1915. Assadour Avakian, a doctor from Armenia, living in Venice, prepares after 20 years of separation to meet his birth family in Anatolia. Wanting to honour his return, Assadour’s brother Aram enlarges and restores the Mas des alouettes, the old house where the Avakians were born and raised. But the political context is not optimal, and although the Avakians don’t know it, Italy had just gone to war against the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empire. In Turkey, the “Young Turks” are in power, and want to get rid of ethnic minorities. For Armenians, the situation becomes hellish: all males are to be massacred, and no exception is made for the Avakians. For the women and little Avetis, disguised as a girl, begins a painful ordeal through the desert… Nevertheless, Nazim, a Turk, member of a brotherhood, and Ismène, a Greek nanny who had always been with the family, follow them discretely and try to save them. The beautiful Nunik is courted by Ferzan, a Turkish soldier. To save her family, Nunik attracts the Turkish guards’ attention on purpose by singing an Armenian song. Remembering her lyrics, Ferzan decapitates Nunik to save her from being tortured. The survivors arrive, after many hardships, to the Venice Harbour…
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7:30 pm
Chienne d’histoire
Animation (France, 2010)
Film Director: Serge Avédikian
Language: French
Length: 15 minutes
Constantinople, 1910.

Constantinople, 1910. There are too many stray dogs in the city streets. The government, newly in power, influenced by a Western model of society, asks European experts how to get rid of them before deciding on its own to take 30,000 dogs on a deserted island opposite of the city. Through the eyes of a dog that has just given birth and the guard who puts her in a cage, we follow the forced exile of these dogs that will for the most part die of hunger and thirst.
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Lost and Found in Armenia
Comedy (USA, 2012)
Film Director: Gor Kirakossian
Language: Armenian/English, French sub-titles
Length: 100 minutes
Trying to move on from his heartbreak of his finance leaving him, the son of an American senator is forced by his best friends to spend a vacation in Turkey. A parachuting experience goes wrong, and he lands in a small Armenian village where he is accused of being a spy. This is where he meets a young woman who helps him get out of trouble.