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About the Festival

The goal of the Moncton Armenian Festival is to promote Armenian culture in the Greater Moncton Area. This idea was initiated by members of the Armenian community of Moncton, part of Maritimes Armenian Association, which unites approximately 100 families living in the Maritime Provinces. In each edition, the Armenian Festival takes you on a voyage of discovery: from the origins of the great “historic Armenia” to the discovery of present-day Armenia and the significant Armenian diaspora throughout the world. To address the diversity and vivacity of a culture that was threatened with extinction at the onset of the first genocide of the 20th century… To create a link between here and over there… To be born into the diaspora or to be born in Armenia, on roads with common roots, from yesterday to tomorrow… The Festival also allows local communities to discover and understand this rich and tormented history, as is shown by the more than 2500-year-old exceptionally vibrant Armenian heritage.

Each edition brings out a specific aspect of Armenian culture.

Sylvia Kasparian
President and Artistic Director
Moncton Armenian Festival

For more information
Sylvia Kasparian: (506) 853-6031

Armenian Festival Administration:

Sylvia Kasparian – President and Artistic Director
Karnig Arslanian – Vice-President
Isabelle Cormier – Secretary / Treasurer

Organizing Committee:

Sylvia Kasparian – Artistic Director, Management, and General Project Coordinator
Isabelle Cormier – Secretary-Meetings Manager
Angèle Bertin – Coordinator of the Opening Evening and the Diner Show
Madeleine Blanchard – Public Relations/Communications
Fabienne Verger – Finances
Lucia Choulakian – Assistant Accountant, Project Assistant Coordinator of the transportation of artists
Arthur Simonian – Accountant and Coordinator of the March.
Annie Kasparian, Serena Kasparian, Varouje Kouyoumdjian, Karnig, and Sharmaine Arslanian – Reception Manager
Varouje Kouyoumdjian – In charge of the memorial
Vartan Choulakian – Artist Accommodation and Transport Manager
Louis Doucet – University Film Festival Co-Manager
Monique Richard – Co organizer of the Armenian Liturgical Concert.
Diana Akilian, Volunteers Manager and in charge of the march
Christian Ouellet – Graphic Designer and Webmaster
Alicia Cleaver – Translation
Gilles Landry – Photography
Chris Harrigan – Cameramen
Léandre Bourgeois – Sound, Light Technician
Berge Kasparian – Video Editing