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This 6th edition of the Armenian Festival (October 1 - 4, 2015) is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary for the commemoration of the Armenian genocide (1915).

The Festival will be twinned with an international and interdisciplinary Conference at Université de Moncton entitled "The representations of the Armenian genocide and the mass crimes", from October 1 to 3, 2015. Two major events to commemorate the centennial in Moncton, to remember, to raise awareness among the population, understand and demand… but also to celebrate the survival of a people and a culture that came close to be annihilated. We offer you a full and riche program with scientific research, a march against genocides, a tree planting ceremony and memorial, dance, music, a sacred music concert, a film festival, and exhibits by renowned Armenian artists, photos, editorial cartoons and headlines of period newspapers from the Arménienne Genocide Museum-Institut in Erevan.
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First genocide of the 20th century, the Armenian genocide was committed by the young-Turks towards the end of the Ottoman empire against the Christians Armenian minority and left a million and a half dead executed or deceased due to horrific conditions on the road to deportation in the Syrian Desert. Almost all the survivors were exiled and dispersed around the world constituting the large Armenian diaspora. Many have survived in Turkey by converting to Islam by force; three generations later most of their descendants don’t even know that they are from an Armenian origin. This crime went unpunished and despite its recognition by almost twenty countries, is still being denied by the Turkish government.